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A Look at Liber DCCCLXVII, Liber Viarum Viae

A Look at Liber DCCCLXVII, Liber Viarum Viae

This outline is a general tract of the tarot trumps and their associated paths upon the Tree of Life; the powers attributed to their attainment, and suggested practices to acquire them. Overall it could be seen as a outline of work for the A:.A:., excluding the sepharoths themselves. Although the paths can be seen as the combination and equilibrium of the two sepharoth they connect. Further the paths are generally seen as dynamic and in flux as compared to the static state of the sepharoths, which is why "mastery" of these powers attributed is never complete but rather works in progress, on going and never ending.

Using the outline of the A:.A:. as given in One Star in Sight, the grades and levels align as below crossed referenced with Liber XIII.

The Order of the G. D.


Atu 21. Tav - The Universe
The Formulation of the Body of Light.
Liber O, Chapter V. A straight forward account of a method to experence astral visions.

Atu 20. Shin - The Aeon
The Passage of the King’s Chamber.
Liber H H H, section AAA. Meditations of death–waking, leading to the understanding of the unison between Fire and Spirit. A meditative form of Ritual CXX.

Path or Trump: Atu 18. Qoph - The Moon
The Divining of Destiny.
Liber Memoriæ Viæ CMXIII.
Liber XIII has for this path, Methods of Divination, which fits the power attributed, "The Divining of Destiny", so perhaps Liber LXXVIII would be more fitting.

Notes provided: Internally, Liber CMXIII refers the practice described to the grade of Adeptus Exemptus.


Atu 19. Resh - The Sun
The Illumination of the Sphere.
Liber H H H, section MMM. A meditative reenactment of the inner operation of the Neophyte Ceremony, Ritual DCLXXI

Note: Section AAA is ascribed to Shin and Section MMM is ascribed to Resh. Where would Section SSS of Liber HHH fit?

Atu 4. Tzaddi - The Emporier
The Formulation of the Flaming Star.
Liber V. The added notes with this document says it cannot refer to Liber V vel Reguli, which had not been written when Viarum Viæ was published. Could possibly be a reference to the Star Ruby. Regardless the Star Ruby or Liber V vel Reguli would be an adequate fit.

Atu 14. Samekh - Art
Skrying in the Spirit Vision: The Ladder of Jacob.
Liber O, Chapter VI. Rising on the planes.


Atu 16. Peh The Tower
The Destruction of the House of God.
Liber Tvrris vel Domvs Dei, sub figura XVI. A meditation practice upon the destrution of thoughts. A fitting practice for the tower.

Atu 15. Ayin - The Devil
The Sabbath of the Adepts.
Liber A'ASH vel Capriconi Pneumatici, sub figura CCCLXX. Sex magick, the sabbath of the goat, copernicus.

Atu 12. Mem - The Hanged Man
The Sleep of Siloam.
Liber CDLI is assumed to be (The 15th Chapter of Liber CDXIV) Of Eroto-comatose Lucidity. A sexual method of trance.


Atu 13. Nun - Death
The Preparation of the Corpse for the Tomb.
Liber XXV. The Star Ruby.

Per the attached notes, The citation here makes no sense if Liber XXV is taken as being the Star Ruby. In Liber XIII it states, He is given a meditation-practice on the Senses, and the Sheaths of the Self, and the Practice called Mahasatipatthana.

Atu 10. Kaph - Fortune
The Evocation of the Mighty Ones.
Liber (???)

No name or number is given for the suggested practice. Liber XIII states: Instruction and Examination in Construction and Consecration of Talismans, and in Evocation. This along with the title, "The Evocation of the Mighty Ones" suggests possibly this was supposed to be the Goetia or even Liber Chanokh.

The Order of the R. C.

Adeptus Minor

Atu 8. Teth Adjustment
The Passing of the Hall of the Balances.
LIBER XXX AERUM, Vel Saecvli, Sub Figvra CCCCXVIII. Being of the Angels of the 30 Aethyrs THE VISION AND THE VOICE

Atu 6. Zain - The Lovers
The Utterance of the Pythoness.
Liber MCXXXIX. No such document that I know of.

Atu 2. Gimel - The Priestess
The Supreme Ecstasy of Purity.
Liber LXXXIII. The only known Liber LXXIII is The Urn which post-dates Viarum Viæ by some years.

Atu 17. Heh - The Star
The Adoration under the Starry Heaven.
Liber NV, sub figura XI. Invocation of Nuit.

Atu 9. Yod The Hermit
The Absorbtion of the Emanations.
Liber YOD, Sub Figura DCCCXXXI

Adeptus Major

Atu 11. Lamed - Lust
The Protection of the Sphere.
Liber O. A case can be made for chapter IV, the rituals of the pentagram and hexagram, but due to the level of the grade, chapter III, assumption of godforms is assumed.

Atu 7. Cheth - The Chariot
The Ritual of the Holy Graal.
Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abigni, sub figurâ CLVI

Adeptus Exemptus

Atu 5. Vav - The Hierophant
The Forthcoming of the Hierophant.
Liber VIII. (8th Æthyr in Liber 418).

The Order of the S. S.

Magister Templi

Atu 3. Daleth - The Empress
The Incarnation of the Inmost Light.
Liber H A D, sub figura DLV. A working of Hadit.

Atu 1. Beth - The Magus
The Universal Affirmations and Denials.
Liber B vel Magi.


Atu 0. Aleph - The Fool
The transcending of all these; yea, the transcending of all these.

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