Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lighting of the Lamp

"Let the Dominus Liminis take pure lead, tin, and quicksilver, with platinum, and, if need be, glass. Let him by his understanding and ingenium devise a Magick Lamp that shall burn without wick or oil, being fed by the Aethyr. This shall he accomplish secretly and apart, without asking the advice or approval of his Adeptus Minor. Let the Dominus Liminis keep it when consecrated in the secret chamber of Art. This then is that which is written: "Bring furnished with complete armour and armed, he is similar to the goddess." And again, "I am armed, I am armed."
-Liber CDXII - A vel Armorum

The solution to this puzzle has eluded me for years. I had all the pieces before me but never saw it. The blindingly obvious answer leaves no doubt of the solution.

The Gordian Knot has been untied. The lamp has been lit. May it's light shine on the path before me.


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