Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Promote Thelema

"You may regard the establishment of the Law of Thelema as an essential element of your True Will"

In Liber CCC - Khabs am Pekht we are instructed by Crowley that every effort should be made to spread the Law of Thelema, that the Law is for all. In an earlier post I give an over view of the text and instructions. One of the suggestions made, is that tracts be written and distributed. In this light and duty bound I am attempting to do my small part. I have created a PDF file for free direct download of Thelemic Bookmarks. Each contains a short quote from Liber AL vel Legis citing chapter and verse.

The idea is simple. Download the file and print them off on simple card stock. Cut them out and visit your local library, book store, or mega book store such as Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, etc, then place them within various random books. People will discover them and use them as a bookmark or throw them away. Regardless the seed will be planted. The meme will spread. They show others the odd thing they found. If they are intrigued by the bookmark and what it means they will search for more information. Even a simple internet search will bring them to the Book of the Law. The meme will spread as they tell others the odd thing they found. So on and so forth.

This simple method fulfills Liber AL III:42 "Success is thy proof: argue not; convert not; talk not over much!"

To help do your part:
1. Down load the PDF File: HERE
2. Print it off on card stock.
3. Cut them out.
4. Visit your local library and book store and place within the books.

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There are PDFs to print out on the first website, along with talk about other promulgation projects such as the 16,000 Liber Oz cards that were recently sent out.

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