Thursday, May 6, 2010

Overview of Liber CCC - Khabs am Pekht

Publication in Class E, that is a public statement on how to spread the Law of Thelema.

Liber CCC (I can't help but think of the three hundred Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae, but is actually a reference to the Hebrew numeration of Khabs am Pekht, Light in Extension) was written by Crowley in the year 1919 just after the end of World War I as mentioned in the opening lines. He claims the war was a direct result of the new aeon of Horus to prepare the people of Earth to accept Thelema. To accont for this claim he uses the Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece thusly: The Beast seeking the great work is guided by wisdom and assisted by the Scarlet Women to subdue the previous aeon of Osiris. Accomplishing this mankind is filled with the force and fire of Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

Next he states that it is our duty to spread the Law of Thelema as commanded in the Book of the Law, Chapter I, verse 5. His argument is very similar to the one he presents in Duty, "You may regard the establishment of the Law of Thelema as an essential element of your True Will."

The text proceeds to give numerous examples from the Book of the Law on the manner to proceed in this task.

1. BoL I.15 - Proceed with confidence and without doubt.
2. BoL I.34 - Do not be selective in the process, but instead be all inclusive. Catholic.
3. BoL I.38 - We are bound by duty to teach.
4. BoL I.37 - Teach not only the Law of Thelema, but also the techniques of magick.
5. BoL I.40-44, 51, 61, 63 - That doing so will arouse animosity, but it will provide a platform to present the Law.
6. BoL II.9 - It will provide comfort to those who receive the Law.
7. BoL II.19-20 - It will provide joy to those who receive the Law.
8. BoL III.23-26 - The practical method of overcoming opposition.
9. BoL III.38 - The new aeon itself will make itself known.
10. BoL III.39, 42 - Distribute Liber AL vel Legis to everyone you meet, but no preaching or crude attempts at conversion. They can take it or leave it.
11. BoL III.42 - Rather than relying only on speech, spread the Law by your example and success.

Further the text notes that the entire third chapter of Liber AL vel Legis points to the fact that sooner or later the Law will be spread with actual physical violence.

Additionally from the examples presented from Liber AL vel Legis, Crowley continues on by giving his own practical advice for extending the Dominion of the Law of Thelema throughout the whole world.

1. That verbal and written correspondence should announce the Law in the form of opening, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law", and closing, "Love is the law, love under will".
2. That social gatherings be held where the Law is read and explained.
3. That tracts be written and distributed.
4. That Thelemic Schools and Universities be established and Thelemic scholarships provided to currently existing institutions.
5. That especially children should be taught the Law early and often to spare them the misery of the old aeon.
6. That everyone support the O.T.O. and empower them to the best of our ability that they may spread the Law.
7. That everyone bind themselves with an oath to make Freedom perfect.

Note: There are 11 examples from Liber AL given and 7 practical examples given.
11 - extension, number of words in "Do what thy wilt..."
7 - perfection, number of words in "Love is the law..."
7x11=77 - magick perfected, Ayin Zayin Liber OZ

The text closes with a parable of building a fire with green wood. That is begin small and easy, success at this will lead to greater success with the big and difficult.


Comments on this text:

Overall I have to think this has to be uncomfortable for most people who consider themselves Thelemites, myself included. Much of it appears very similar to Christian and Muslim proselytizing techniques, which most people outside those communities tend to despise. Yet here is Crowley not only advising us to engage in it, but saying it is our will and duty to do so. Although it is tempered by the statement of "convert not". The flavor remains and is a hard pill to swallow.

Regardless of your thoughts on that, you have to accept it as fact that there is a willful rejection of the advice provided by today's Thelemites. The O.T.O. is a weak ineffectual group, there are no tracts of the kind you see with Evangelical Christians, no people on street corners distributing the Book of the Law or placing them in hotel rooms like the Gideons, no schools being built or scholarships offered, and does anyone use the recommended greeting other than to other known Thelemites?

It has been 91 years since this was published, has any of this come to pass or in the very least have plans for this to happen at some point? I do not believe so. Perhaps we all should do our part regardless of "Official" support from some sort of thelemic group. As the text explains, begin with the small dry wood...


Rufus Opus said...

William Blake Lodge in MD-DC is following this precept very well.

As a Christian, I've got to tell you, it may smack of proselytyzing to you from a more libertine stance, but seriously, it's not anything like what my Christian brothers and sisters do.

As Thelemites, your only duty is to print up tracts and distribute them, a low-cost effort, and to distribute the BotL. You aren't supposed to teach anyone who doesn't come looking for teachings. You just make sure the core tenets of the philosophy are available to be read. Print up some tri-fold brochures and leave them at the occult bookshops, in the mall on benches, at schools and on church doors, distribute them amongst the prisons, and don't forget the widows and orphans. The Law is for All.

You don't have to tell everyone, you just have to be open to everyone, regardless of color, culture, or creed. That's what I.34 is about, imo.

That fear thing you went through last week, it's no wonder you suffer that kind of pestilence, being all blatantly discussing the BotL in public with your bare face hanging out! ;)

Theurgist said...

Some very good points and those are some great suggestions. Thank you.

Rufus Opus said...

Sorry if I come across like a know-it-all or anything, I usually comment in a hurry, and I was born without any social grace or tact genes. It's not until I reread what I write that I realize I may have come across weird or pedantic or patronizing or whatever.

Theurgist said...

Not at all. I enjoyed your comment and your suggestions. Feel free to speak your mind fully. Do what thy wilt...