Friday, April 16, 2010

Outline of Liber XXXIII, An account of the A:.A:. with reference to Liber X, Liber Porta Lucis

The society has always existed and will always exist. It is composed of the elect who are admitted by the light, taught by the light, and whose sole purpose is to guide humanity by revelation of that light. The members are diverse, span the globe, and remain hidden from the world united in wisdom, truth, and perfect love. V.V.V.V.V. alone is the revealed chief and only publicly known member.

The society is the source of all truths that have been hidden in religions and veiled in ceremonies and rituals that men may discover the truths when they are ready to receive them. When the world is in need the order brings forth events to lead mankind.

Mohammed was sent to bring freedom to mankind by the sword, but he did not go far enough. Luther was sent to teach freedom of thought and liberation from the totality of the church, but the result was even greater bondage and slavery of belief. Science and the Renaissance was delivered but it was perverted. Finally V.V.V.V.V. have been sent to declare the light.

The illuminated community is the true school of L.V.X.; it has its Chair, its Doctors; it possesses a rule for students; it has forms, objects for study, and degrees for development. Although the society knows none of the formalities which belong to the the works of man. No arranged meetings or choosing leaders and members and crass things of so called secret societies. All outward forms cease leaving only the brotherhood of adepts united in truth and light. Systems are banished.

Though not all men are called, many of called are chosen, and that as soon as they become fit for entrance. Worldly intelligence seeks this Sanctuary in vain; fruitless also will be the efforts of malice to penetrate these great mysteries; all is indecipherable to him who is not ripe; he can see nothing, read nothing in the interior. To become fit should be the sole effort of him who seeks wisdom.

This text should be studied in tandem with Liber X, Liber Porta Lucis. While Liber XXXIII is a history and general overview, Liber X is an open epistle to mankind and seekers of wisdom.

It describes the sending forth of V.V.V.V.V. to the world.
Declares his mission, to save our fellows from from sickness and from old age and from death. To bring Absolute Truth, Absolute Light, Absolute Bliss.

The seeds of truth have been hidden in all religions and all systems, and all are but veils of the truth. There is no difference between Buddha and Mohammed, between Atheism and Theism, but in the beginning one system may be suited for one seeker, another for another.

Therefore the society leads the seeker by the path which is best suited to his nature unto the ultimate end of all things, the supreme realization, the Life which abideth in Light.

In Summation:
The society is tangle and intangible. There is but one truth hidden all around you in every faith, creed, and science. You but have to remove the dross to see it. You will be guided along the known paths until you are ready to see. When you are finally ready, you will discover the society and be admitted, not as a student but as a brother.

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