Monday, January 18, 2010

Fundamental Obeisance Question

I have recieved a comment from a reader concerning the Fundamental Obeisance or version of it that I have posted previously on this blog.

The Fundamental Obeisance was a prayer that was composed by John Dee following the instructions of the angel Ave. Dee was instructed by Ave to invoke the Lord of Hosts using the twelve names of God found on the enochian tablets for four days, then continue on and call upon the angels of the enochian hierarchy as part of the initial (18) day initiation ceremony.

The latin form of the prayer can be found in Liber Scientiae Auxilii et Victoriae Terrestris (British Library Sloane MS 3191). The english version can be found in The Enochian Magick of Dr. John Dee by Geoffrey James and reproduced in a number of places.

The original Dee version in english is as follows:

Fundamental Obeisance:

O YHVH TzABAOTh, we invoke and implore most earnestly your Divine Power, Wisdom and Goodness, and most humbly and faithfully ask you to favor and assist us in all our works, words and cogitations, concerning, promoting or procuring your praise, honor and Glory. And by these your twelve mystical names. ORO, IBAH, AOZPI, MOR, DIAL, HCTGA, OIP, TEAA, PDOCE, MPH, ARSL, GAIOL, most ardently do we entreat and implore your Divine and Omnipotent Majesty: that all your faithful Angelic Spirits whose mystical names are expressed in this book and whose offices are briefly noted, in whatever part of the world they be and, in whatever time of our lives they are summoned by us by means of their peculiar powers or authority of your Holy Names (likewise contained in this book), that most swiftly they come to us visible, affable, and appear to us peacefully and remain with us visibly according to our wishes, and that they disappear at our request from us and from our sight. And through you and that reverence and obedience which they owe you in those twelve mystical names above mentioned, that they give satisfaction amicably to us also, at each and every moment in our lives, and in each and every deed or request to all, some or one of them, and to do this quickly, well, completely and perfectly to discharge, perfect and complete all this according to their virtues and power both general and individual and through the injunctions given them by you (O God) and their charged offices and ministry. AMEN.

I liked this prayer a great deal but found the language archaic and a tad long. I rewrote the prayer to make it more personal and change the tone to my own sensibilities to use in my own work. My personal version is as follows:

Dee's Fundamental Obeisance (Revised and Rewritten)

Eheieh Asher Eheieh,
I invoke and call upon your Divine Power and authority,
and ask you to favor and assist me in all my works, words and actions.

And by your twelve mystical names.
do I entreat and implore your Divine Majesty.

Aid and bear witness to my spiritual endeavor. Send forth your faithful Angelic and Ministering Spirits, where ever they might be and in whatever time I might call, by the authority of your Holy Names. May they come quickly when called, visibly and peacefully before us. Grant me your authority to command your spirits that they will answer to my demands and instructions faithfully and to my satisfaction.

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