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Lev Shalem Invocation

By popular demand here is the version I originally wrote that follows the Golden Dawn formula. As you can see it is much rougher than the Middle Pillar of the Soul and some parts have evolved over time as my understanding grew and evolved mainly due to using this rite. I post this as a curiosity and suggest if someone would like to use this rite to use the current final draft entitled Middle Pillar of the Soul.


Lev Shalem Invocation
For this ritual the student will need the black robe, nemyss, and the Outer Wand of Double Power or standard banishing dagger. The temple or sanctuary should be arranged as in the Hall of the Neophytes.

Enter the temple in the Signs of the Neophyte. Go to the North East and say:

“Hekas! Hekas! Este Bebeloi!”

Go to the East and with the black end of the Outer Wand of Double Power perform the LBRP. After the LBRP, perform the purification of the temple or sanctuary. Take the Cup of Water from the northern side of the temple or sanctuary and go to the East. Trace the Cross and then the Invoking Triangle of Water in the East. Go deosil to the South and repeat, saluting the East as you pass. Go deosil to the other quarters repeating. Upon returning to the East raise the Cup on high and say:

“So therefore, the priest who governeth the works of fire, must sprinkle with the lustral waters of the loud resounding sea.”

Return the Cup of Water to the north of the temple or sanctuary. Go to the South, saluting the East as you pass, and take the Censer from the southern side of the temple or sanctuary. Go to the East, and trace the Cross and then the Invoking Triangle of Fire. Go deosil to the South, saluting the East as you pass. Repeat the Cross and Invoking Fire Triangle in each quarter. On returning to the East, raise the Censer on high, and say:

“And when all the phantoms are banished, thou shalt see that holy and formless fire, that fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the universe, hear thou the voice of fire!”

Return the Censer to the South, saluting the East as you pass. Circumambulate the temple or sanctuary three times, saluting the East as you pass. Return to the West of the Altar and perform the Adoration to the Lord of the Universe.

“Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe!” (Saluting Sign)
“Holy art Thou, whom nature hath not formed!” (Saluting Sign)
“Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One!”(Saluting Sign)
“Lord of the Light, and of the Darkness!” (Sign of Silence)

Now declare the working that will be performed:
“The Lord most high declared we should seek him with a complete heart, a lev shalem. I seek with this rite to unite the parts of my soul with the most high. I seek True Wisdom, Perfect Happiness, and the Summum Bonum. May this rite bring me ever closer to the goal of the great work.”

Remain West of the Altar and give the Neophyte signs, then begin the following meditation and invocation:

Quiet the thoughts and sit still. Envision your body surrounded by an egg of pure blue light. If you can feel your sphere, then all the better. Reside within and experience it.

Envision and see the Kether of the macrocosm. Feel the love and power that radiates out of it. See and envision the Kether of the microcosm respond. Join the two and feel the love and power radiate into yourself. Dwell upon this for a time.

Pull this power down to Tiphareth the seat of the Rauch. See the energy form a sphere of beautiful rose pink. Slowly this sphere becomes golden with shades of deep pink then it begins to darken into rich amber. Within this sphere is the symbol or name of your Higher Self if you know it. If not it is a brightly burning flame.

Concentrate upon the light and flame and repeat this invocation:

“Light dawning in Darkness is thy Name.
Thou art the Exorcist in the midst of the Exorcism.
Thou art the wielder of the forces of Balance.
Thou art Myself-Made-Perfect, whom no man hath seen at any time.
This is He, Who is Lord of all things
I am He, the Truth.
I am He who formulates in Darkness.
The Light that shineth in Darkness, yet the Darkness comprehendeth it not.
The Heart Girt with a Serpent is my Name.”

Feel the power radiate outward from your high self. See the light turning your sphere into lighter and lighter shades of blue until it is a bright white. Dwell upon this for a time. If you like you can talk to or converse with your angel.

After a time bring this power down to Yesod the seat of the Nephesh. See it form an indigo sphere that is so dark it is almost black. Slowly see how it begins to lighten through the purple range till it is almost a tan with flecks of blue throughout.

Concentrate upon this sphere and repeat this invocation:

“Darkness is thy name.
Before all things are the Chaos and the Darkness and the gates of the land of Night.
Thou art he whose name is Darkness.
I stand before thee without trepidation, for fear is failure, and I am without fear.
Behold I am the Exorcist in the midst of Exorcism!
I spoke to you before you were born.
Be still and know that I am God.”

Feel the power radiate from your higher self down into your lower self. Shower love and acceptance upon your lower self. Experience the joy of feeling complete and whole. Dwell upon this for a time. If you like you can instruct your lower self in ways to benefit yourself.

After a time bring this power down to Malkuth or the G’uph. See the energy form a bight yellow sphere that slowly begins to darken through the range of earth tones until it is black with streaks of yellow left over. Feel the power begin at the top of your head radiate down through the spheres until it reaches your feet. At this point feel your body flooded with the power and light. See the entire body radiate with light and power till you cannot distinguish between it and the bright white of your sphere. Allow yourself to float within this light and do not think, only experience it. Remain in this state as long as you like.

Purify and Consecrate the temple as in the opening of the ritual.
Perform Reverse Circumambulation, Saluting in the East.
Perform Adoration to the Lord of the Universe, then say:

“I now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony. Depart in peace to your abodes and habitations. Go with the blessings of ADONAI.”

Perform the LBRP, then say:
“I now declare this temple duly closed. So Mote It Be!”

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