Friday, January 11, 2008

Variation on the Qabalic Cross

Variation on the Qabalic Cross:
With notes on purification and consecration

Bring down light to forehead: Aleph (the beginning)
Draw light down to feet: Tav (the end)
Touch the breast: Eth (essence of both, of all)

"Find yourself to be the centre of your own Universe" -duty by Crowley.
The temple is affirmed from the beginning to the end and the essence of both.

Touch the right shoulder: visualize Heh, vibrate Agla (black pillar, purification)
note: the letter and name of purification taking place in geburah, adding strength almost to the point of banishing or exorcism.

Tough the left shoulder: visualize Yod, vibrate Eheieh (white pillar, consecration)
note: the letter and name of consecration taking place in chesed, adding love and mercy to the point of manifestation.

Bring the hands together at the chest: vibrate Adoni Elohim (middle pillar, achievement)

note: Adoni (affirmation and invocation of the HGA), Elohim (is the breath of benediction. A benediction is a short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance.)

The temple has been affirmed, cleansed, dedicated, ready for the angel to indwell that pure temple which you have prepared for Him

Purification is the removal of all extraneous thoughts, elements, etc to create a blank canvas for the consecration to follow. The symbol of purification is water a passive symbol, it's letter is Heh, it's meaning is a window or womb. The initial state waiting on the spark of consecration to give it life that it may perform it's purpose and deliver life and create.

The word or formula of purification is AGLA.
Aleph, the babe is in an egg of blue, the unborn, the original state of unmanifest before manifestation. Gimel is Isis, the Eternal Virgin. The pure vessel untainted by reception. Lamed is Virgo a sign of balanced equilibrium and an air sign of banishing, the goddess Aphrodite who is the ox gord spurring on the aleph out of love and the desire to be impregnated. Aleph, a return to the original state but now charged by love and desire, awaiting manifestation.

It should be noted that AGLA adds up to 35. The same as Boundary, limit and He will go.
Notariqon of Ateh Gibor le-Olahm Adonai, meaning Thou art great forever, my Lord. Praise to the holy guardian angel as one removes everything that is not necessary.

Consecration is the dedication to a single purpose forsaking all else. It can only take place upon something that has previously been isolated by purification. The symbol of consecration is fire a masculine symbol. It's letter is Yod, or the hand moving to do it's will in the world.

The word or formula of consecration is Eheieh, AHYH.
Aleph, is picked up from the purification, the unmanifest awaiting to manifest. Heh, the unmanifest manifests as a womb so that it may give birth to form. Yod, the will and spark entering into that womb, inpregnating it. Heh, the womb impregnated about to give birth.
It should be noted that Eheieh in hebrew I Am or existence or being, as opposed to the nonexistence of agla.

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