Monday, June 25, 2007

Thoughts on Liber XC, Liber Tzaddi Vel Hamus Hermeticus

Initiation is the end of sorrow, salvation from the black earth of malkuth. Salvation from folly, idleness, and slavery. In initiation you will discover that earthly pleasures are nothing but shadows and dust.

As Fear is failure, therefore be without fear, demand to do your will and nothing else and above all never bow to the slavery of fear. As Demeter fed the boy nectar and ambrosia of the Gods to make him immortal so shall initiation into the mysteries. Thus we too become proud, beautiful, strong, and swift as the weaknesses of the timid, the tearful, and the cowardly are our enemies. Become as the double cube alter, An Abyss of Height and as an Abyss of Depth. Do not seek only the higher but rather become the unity of all. Seek equilibrium in all things! If you are drawn and attracted only to the darkness then seek the light, if you are drawn to light then seek the dark. Only imbalance is evil, and equilibrium is perfect.

They shall be masters of majesty and might; they shall be beautiful and joyous; they shall be clothed with victory and spledour; they shall stand upon the firm foundation; the kingdom shall be theirs; yea, the kingdom shall be theirs.

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