Friday, June 8, 2007

Outline of Postcard to Probationers

The Theorems state simply the value of the work. The work leads to super consciousness, making christs. The appearance and presence of christs advances the world. Therefore our work advances the world around us. This relates to the alchemical idea that when a material is perfected it causes the exaltation of materials that comes into contact with it. Like begets like.

The methods to attain this super consciousness are retirement and concentration as the state is a natural process and not dependent on theology or morality. Since truth is super rational it cannot be expressed or attained through reason but only through balance and equilibrium.

The method of equilibrium:
1. Passions: Since attainment is not dependent on theology or morality, they need not concern you.
2. Reason: Since attainment is not possible through reason, contradict every idea that presents itself to you.
3. Spiritual: Since man is finite and is unable to comprehend the infinite, contradict every vision that presents itself to you.
Thus balanced the result shall be a trance state and the supreme method of silence being Samyama.

Yoga and Magick are the art of uniting the mind to a single idea, be it knowledge, will, love, courage, speech, or work. As balance is key, understand all these things and unite them with the supreme method of silence in Samyama.

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