Monday, May 21, 2007

True Will, a mundane approach

In an earlier post I theorized on a definition of true will. In that post I approached it from a bit of a mystical stand point. In a nutshell I explained that all your thoughts, emotions, and feelings are illusions of you and the deep untouched core beneath all this is the true self who has it's own agenda and that the realization of that agenda is the true will.

This is still true yet I feel it needs another layer of explanation from a more mundane point of view and try and avoid more mystical bents.

Point one, the entire planet and all of human kind is born, lives, and dies in groups.

Point two, all of these groups over time have established civilization, forms of government, religions, and an identifying culture.

Point three, it is in the best interests of these groups to collectivize and homogenize the populace of the group to strengthen and to act with unity of purpose, goals, and identity without which there would be no group.

Point four, to enact these interests the group uses a variety of tools including but not limited to laws, morality, mass media, and the use of the herd instinct to pressure the individual to maintain societal norms and expectations.

Point five, the constant use of these tools over time creates a collectivized consciousness where there is severe fear, mistrust, and anxiety over thoughts, desires, and actions considered outside the group norm regardless if they are found within by an individual or without in another individual or sub-group.

Now, if these points are true then we as human beings all think and behave according to our societal consciousness. Our laws, morals, sins, virtues, and very truths upon which we are built come largely from the group and many sub-groups such as religions, race, and families.

Our wills are not our own. To question everything is the beginning of discovering our will. What do we think of that? Why do we think that? The stripping away of layers of societal programming is the way to our wills. For by definition Our True Will is our will away from the herd. It is the truths we hold self evident not the truths we were told or taught that are self evident. Who is the self beneath all that stuff? How would that person behave if it was not following the societal script?

The old maxim "Know thy self." Seems an extension of this. If you truly know yourself as a separate and discreet entity away from the group then your will can only be your true will.

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