Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nu - Eth Yah -Un

The Magical Formula of NUEThYHUN,
better expressed as Nu - Eth Yah -Un.

Nu is the egyptian god who personified the swirling primeval chaos from which the cosmic order was produced. Or as in the Thelemic definition Nu is the space of Nuit. While on the other side is Un. Un is an egyptian word that means to appear or manifest. The direct opposite of Nu, graphically expressed by the reversal of letters.

Nu - nothingness
Un - somethingness

Both are composed of Nun and Vav or 56, the microcosm and macrocosm, reducing to 11.

Now the middle of the formula.
Eth is a hebrew word meaning essence. Often used as a divine name for Spirit. From the letters we see Aleph and Tav or the Beginning and the End. The all or Pan. Also representing the middle pillar forming a vertical component.

While Yah is the divine name for Chokmah or wisdom. The actual meaning in hebrew is Eternal. From the letters we see Yod and Heh, fire and water, consecration and purification. Also the letters can be representing the white and black pillars of mercy and severity, or a horizontal component.

Eth - 401 reducing to 5
Yah - 15 reducing to 6
Once again 56 or 11.

Further the vertical and horizontal expressions can be seen as a cross. A cross of sacrifice and transformation. This is strengthened by Nu and Un, being Nun which is fish and the Vav is nails, both relating to christian mystic elements.

Taken as a whole, you have nothingness and somethingness or expressed as 0=2.
Between them is the eternal essence or the eternal spirit. Transformation.

Finally 56+56+56 = 168
168 is the latin phrase Parentes Superni or the Supreme Parents. Nuit and Hadit.
168 reduces to 6, the balance of Tiphareth. Ra-Hoor-Khuit

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