Monday, May 21, 2007

True Will, a mundane approach

In an earlier post I theorized on a definition of true will. In that post I approached it from a bit of a mystical stand point. In a nutshell I explained that all your thoughts, emotions, and feelings are illusions of you and the deep untouched core beneath all this is the true self who has it's own agenda and that the realization of that agenda is the true will.

This is still true yet I feel it needs another layer of explanation from a more mundane point of view and try and avoid more mystical bents.

Point one, the entire planet and all of human kind is born, lives, and dies in groups.

Point two, all of these groups over time have established civilization, forms of government, religions, and an identifying culture.

Point three, it is in the best interests of these groups to collectivize and homogenize the populace of the group to strengthen and to act with unity of purpose, goals, and identity without which there would be no group.

Point four, to enact these interests the group uses a variety of tools including but not limited to laws, morality, mass media, and the use of the herd instinct to pressure the individual to maintain societal norms and expectations.

Point five, the constant use of these tools over time creates a collectivized consciousness where there is severe fear, mistrust, and anxiety over thoughts, desires, and actions considered outside the group norm regardless if they are found within by an individual or without in another individual or sub-group.

Now, if these points are true then we as human beings all think and behave according to our societal consciousness. Our laws, morals, sins, virtues, and very truths upon which we are built come largely from the group and many sub-groups such as religions, race, and families.

Our wills are not our own. To question everything is the beginning of discovering our will. What do we think of that? Why do we think that? The stripping away of layers of societal programming is the way to our wills. For by definition Our True Will is our will away from the herd. It is the truths we hold self evident not the truths we were told or taught that are self evident. Who is the self beneath all that stuff? How would that person behave if it was not following the societal script?

The old maxim "Know thy self." Seems an extension of this. If you truly know yourself as a separate and discreet entity away from the group then your will can only be your true will.

Sex, Cancer, and Control

I heard on the radio this morning that here in my home state of Georgia that bill SB 155 that would require all girls to receive an HPV vaccine before entering the sixth grade will not be placed on the calendar for a full Senate debate this session. In essence it is declared DEAD and will not go through or really even discussed anymore.

There was some heavy debate about making the vacine manditory which I myself might have issues with but the bill allows parents or guardians with religious objections to opt their child out of the vaccine -- as is required to be exempt from other immunizations. The measure also allows an exemption for parents or guardians who cannot afford the vaccination. Which in an unusual display of care for the poor over $4 million dollars was requested and approved to help pay for poorer families to receive the vaccine if they so choose.

So why you might ask is the bill dead? Religious groups outright rejected the vaccine because they believed it might promote promiscuity. (Stop for a second and reread that last sentence.)

HPV or the Human papilloma viruses is a extremely common sexually transmitted disease. Most cases have little to no symptoms so most people infected never realize it. luckily most cases clear up on their own but the ones that do not lead to and cause about 70% of cervical cancer cases.

Each year about 15,000 women in the United States learn that they have cervical cancer; an estimated 4,100 women will die of the disease this year. Worldwide, about 500,000 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year, resulting in 250,000 deaths. The disease is the second or third most common cancer among women (cervical cancer and colorectal cancer are virtually tied for second place after breast cancer).

The CDC's Advisory Committe on Immunization Practices voted unanimously to recommend that girls ages 11 and 12 receive the vaccine. The vaccine in clinical trials have been shown to be 100% effective in preventing infection.

Now once again this vaccine would be offered to even the poor and needy and if applied across the board would save 175,000 peoples lives and about 350,000 cases of cancer a year. But it will not because religious groups are opposed because they are worried more people might have sex. They would rather their daughters die from a horrible form of cancer than sleep around. That has to be the most narrow minded view I can possibly think of.

Worse than narrow mindedness is I cannot believe that anyone could actually believe that and instead are using it as a thin cover for their real agenda, Control.

Religious groups have always used sex and the rejection of sex as a form of control over the masses:

1. You may not have sex with anyone unless we first validate it with our ritual.
2. After this ritual you may not have sex with anyone else.
3. After this ritual you may not have thoughts about having sex with anyone else.
4. The sexual act with the validated partner must conform to the rules and restrictions we have outlined concerning birth control, position, frequency, and what is considered normal or abnormal in it's forms of expression.
5. We will only validate sex between people of the opposite sex, no exceptions.

The sexual act being central to producing children as well as the drive to have sex being hardwired into the species the control and regulation of it pervades all levels of society and consciousness. In the 1960's when easy and effective birth control was first available on a mass scale combined with the near control of most forms of sexually transmitted diseases you could almost hear the proverbial grinding of teeth of religious groups who were almost stripped of their lever of control. Contrasted with the sickening glee they expressed when HIV and AIDS appeared in the 1980's. They could not help themselves as they pointed their fingers and praised God for sending a scourge to punish the homosexuals and the promiscuous.

Praise God for the heathen scientists for discovering that a virtually ignored STD causes cancer. We must use it to add one more layer of shame, guilt, and fear upon our children. To create a vaccine to stop this is the work of the devil for we would rather our mothers, sisters, and daughters die and the very womb of life rot and fester before we see it used for pleasure and reproduction outside of our control.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nu - Eth Yah -Un

The Magical Formula of NUEThYHUN,
better expressed as Nu - Eth Yah -Un.

Nu is the egyptian god who personified the swirling primeval chaos from which the cosmic order was produced. Or as in the Thelemic definition Nu is the space of Nuit. While on the other side is Un. Un is an egyptian word that means to appear or manifest. The direct opposite of Nu, graphically expressed by the reversal of letters.

Nu - nothingness
Un - somethingness

Both are composed of Nun and Vav or 56, the microcosm and macrocosm, reducing to 11.

Now the middle of the formula.
Eth is a hebrew word meaning essence. Often used as a divine name for Spirit. From the letters we see Aleph and Tav or the Beginning and the End. The all or Pan. Also representing the middle pillar forming a vertical component.

While Yah is the divine name for Chokmah or wisdom. The actual meaning in hebrew is Eternal. From the letters we see Yod and Heh, fire and water, consecration and purification. Also the letters can be representing the white and black pillars of mercy and severity, or a horizontal component.

Eth - 401 reducing to 5
Yah - 15 reducing to 6
Once again 56 or 11.

Further the vertical and horizontal expressions can be seen as a cross. A cross of sacrifice and transformation. This is strengthened by Nu and Un, being Nun which is fish and the Vav is nails, both relating to christian mystic elements.

Taken as a whole, you have nothingness and somethingness or expressed as 0=2.
Between them is the eternal essence or the eternal spirit. Transformation.

Finally 56+56+56 = 168
168 is the latin phrase Parentes Superni or the Supreme Parents. Nuit and Hadit.
168 reduces to 6, the balance of Tiphareth. Ra-Hoor-Khuit