Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Fearing the Dark

I was engaged in meditation last night and as usual for me, my mind began to wonder. For some strange reason I was thinking of our friendly sun, Sol. The suddenly for just a moment I was struck by the most terrifying real feeling of fear that the sun might not rise tomorrow. The moment passed and my rational mind took over saying of course this is impossible. But the moment happened, for that brief few seconds it was a very real concern in my mind.

An irrational slip or did I dig down into Jung's basement? Who knows, but it does make me wonder. Regardless of how much we proclaim the new aeon. Regardless of how much we marvel of our scientific advances and understandings of the world and the universe, deep down inside all of us somewhere we are still nothing more than huddled masses fearing the dark.

The Aeon of Osiris is alive and well. We might know that a new age has dawned but does our nephesh? Does our mass unconscious know there is still nothing to fear? Obviously not. This of course makes the change and the adaptation to the new age all the more difficult. We must rewire centuries and centuries of imprinted view points, not only in ourselves but in our very core. The part we do not like to acknowledge. The part that still fears the dark and awaits with hope for the dawn that may not come.

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Anonymous said...

yes, true. no matter how much we remake, there is so much left to root out and destroy.