Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Aeon of Horus, Part 2

With the writing/receiving of the Book of the Law, Crowley announced the beginning of the age of Horus. A new aeon was proclaimed. But what exactly does this mean for us on a cultural and global level?

First we must determine if this is in fact true. I for one do not accept things out of hand or "take someone's word for it" as it was. I accept that the Aeon of Horus is a powerful formula on a personal level for growth and basic outlook or point of view. But does it apply to humanity as a whole? Every man and every woman is a star. So yes, I can agree that everyone can "accept" this revelation and what it could or can mean to them, but the question still remains is the world itself changing due to this new aeon?

Does it mean humanity is reaching a new era of growth? I would love to believe that is true. I am excited by the onset of the information age. Kant said, "Those who would deny you free flow of information in their hearts dream themselves your master." I believe this absolutely. Worldwide we see the effects that mass publishing, satellite TV, and the rise of the internet has had, especially on totalitarian systems. China is an excellent example of this, the government is scrambling as best they can to squash it. Banning internet sites and in some cases the internet access as a whole. Civil unrest spreads rapidly as they stand like the little dutch boy desperately attempting to keep the dam whole.

On the other hand with the increase of information just how much of it is useful? I would dare guess that over 70% of the internet is pornography. Not that I am a prude by any means. Man is a sexual creature and sex is how he expresses that. I will offer that these type of sites may encourage sexual liberation to the more repressed people of our society but just how many "money shots" do you need to see before you can become enlightened?

Quality is another issue. For every university site devoted to mathematics, poetry, and various arts and sciences you have just as many neo-nazi sites promoting narrow minded garbage. For every Blog or livejournal where people attempt to express themselves you have a myspace or uTube where people collect friends or fart jokes.

A key signal may be that Church attendance to organized religions is down all across the board and interest in alternative spirituality such as meditation and the occult seem on the rise. Yet at the same time we see more charismatic evangelical churches attendance exploding. People of all religions seem to becoming more radical and extremist. Even non religious groups such as political parties and society as a whole seem to be polarizing.

As a whole I just do not see mankind rising to a new level of awareness and personal responsibility. Although I do see signs of hope. Perhaps this may all be explained by the newness of the age. The "growing pains" as it was and the bud is not near ready to flower.

So where does that leave us? Has the new aeon begun for all mankind? I don't know. It is too early to tell either way. There is not enough data to determine. As with all things only time will tell and if your reading this, you and I will both be dust before a definite answer is known.

Until then all we can do is accept the New Aeon for ourselves on a personal level, determine what that might mean for our lives, discover our will and go forth and do it.

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This is good material. Your observations concerning the world and the Aeon of Horus is nice. I added a link to your blog on mine a few minutes ago.