Friday, February 16, 2007

True Will

In an attempt to define true will I offer the following:

True Will does not spring from conscious intent, but from the interplay between the deepest Self and the entire Universe. Therefore, the enlightened Thelemite is one who is able to eliminate or bypass one's ego-created desires, conflicts, and habits, and tap directly into the Self/Universe nexus. Theoretically, at this point, the Thelemite acts in alignment with Nature, just as a stream flows downhill, with neither resistance nor "lust of result." -from wiki

To know and do your true will you must know your true self, the secret self within. In truth you cannot know the self you can only be the self.

You have a job but you are not your job. You have pleasure and pain but you are not them. You have desires and friends and family, you are none of them. You are not the play list on your ipod. You may have a body but you are not your body. You may have emotions but you are not your emotions. You may have thoughts but you are not your thoughts. You are the self that does not think or know it just is, it is a being.

From that vantage point there is no doubt, there is no desire, there only is a being. The ego can say I. The self cannot say I, it can only say I am. It is what it is and it does what it does, there is nothing else.

In samadi you may know and be the self but samadi is not the self. Samadi is a tool to allow you to experience the self but you cannot spend the rest of your life in samdi nor should anyone want to. The self is the center and secret self that goes where you go and moves with you. In time you can operate from the self at all times carrying it around as a hidden pearl. In operating from the self you are living your true will as the self knows no thoughts or distractions nor needs any reasons. It just is.

It is not a knowing, it is a being.

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